The style is a part of your personality, it is a piece of what makes us each individuals and unique. The most important part of your session is YOU and you want your personality to shine through. I create different settings for every shoot based on you.  This is your day. I want you to relax and have fun and let your beauty from within shine. Just be yourself and let’s have some fun!


Where do I like to shoot? Anywhere pretty. I love green fields, golden fields, mountains, boulders, lakes, beaches, your home, fields of nothing but tall grass, and crazy back ally ways no one would dream to go in.  If you know of a secret spot that you think would be great, don’t hesitate and let me know. I use only natural light, both in and outdoors. I am open to travel beyond an hours distance from Phoenix metro area, AZ  for a small fee – please inquire for more info on that.

what are you using the pictures for?

If you need head shots for acting, chances are that you won’t be wearing the same thing to a family portrait shoot…

One good example is most High School Seniors want to do high fashion looks for their senior pictures.  And who can blame them?  They are about to graduate high school and take on the world, they should be remembered with flair.  Chances are though that some of your family (maybe the older population) would much prefer some more traditional portrait pictures. We have you covered there, too – just bring multiple outfits.

For family portraits, I would recommend casual to dressy clothing that will not look “dated” in 20 years. What the heck do you mean by that? If your family is very laid back and relaxed, then chances are the you and the rest of the family may be most comfortable in jeans. You can always dress up a little by adding button down shirts and other dressier fashions. Is your family a little more formal? You can add sport jackets and dresses or even go the full formal route and wear suits and formal dresses. Kid’s don’t want to get dressed up for the family portrait? Make a compromise and bring two wardrobes – one that they want to wear and one that will make you happy. Relax – I shoot digital these days, so pixels are cheap.

20 years from now…

When you find these pictures in a photo album, how are they going to look?  Something that is very “in” now may look silly in 20 years. Ever watch a movie and guess when it was filmed by the clothes the actors were wearing? Remember parachute pants?  Bell bottom jeans?  If your pictures are to be used in the here and now (like commercial head shots), then dress trendy. Otherwise I would recommend something a little more timeless….

and some other suggestions…

People always ask what is the best style of clothes and colors of clothes for their body and skin type.  Here are some suggestions.  You can always call me and ask what I would recommend for you.

Try to avoid patterns, they distract from the main subject…you!  Given the choice between a patterned shirt and a plain one, I would recomend the plain one.  In general, simpler is better.   When coordinating pants and shirts or skirts and shirts, try to pick colors and fabrics that contrast, particularly with dark colors.  If you wear all dark colors of the same material, it will be hard to distinguish any details in the picture, making it boring.

Generally darker colors will slim you down. Bright colors can be tricky, especially if you are light skinned.  Generally try to avoid colors that clash with your natural skin tone.  If your cheeks are always rosy colored, try to avoid reds.  If you have blond hair – avoid the yellows.  Don’t forget you want contrast.  You can always bring a few sets of clothes to a photo shoot and we can mix and match on the spot. Don’t forget to coordinate your nail colors with the style and color of clothes that you will be wearing…

and some do’s and dont’s…
  • Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in.
  • Do try on ALL the clothes before coming to a photo shoot.  Nothing like finding out something doesn’t fit at the shoot.
  • Do remember to coordinate your nail color (both hands and toes if you will be wearing open toe shoes or if you will be barefoot). Also, remember that your nails should have a fresh coat, that chips will show in the pictures.
  • Do have a bright light on when picking out clothes for the photo shoot.
  • Don’t forget to iron or steam all your wardrobe prior to your session. Everything shows in the picture. I mean EVERYTHING!
  • Don’t forget to remove pet hair or dust on your clothing, especially if you are wearing darker colored wardrobe.
  • Don’t forget to put a fresh coat on your nails – chips will show in the photos!
  • Don’t wear clothes with busy patterns on them.

Bring whatever you would like to add your personal touch to your perfect outfit such as hair accessories, jewelries, hats, etc.


I offer complimentary email consultation service on outfits, props and themes. Feel free to contact me anytime at Also, if you need help with hair/makeup, I work with professional hair stylists and makeup artists you can hire. So if you are interested in hiring professionals, let me know!

When scheduling your session we will figure out what works best for you and your specific needs. For outdoor shoots I do prefer to shoot in the latter part of the day, right as the sun is beginning to go down or super early in the mornings right as the sun is beginning to rise up. This is when you will get the best light and dimension to your photos.

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