Hi everyone

I am Kimmie. A wife, a mommy of 2, and a nature lover, who loves taking pictures of everything motherhood.

My passion for documenting my firstborn’s life has led me to where I am today. If you are a mom, like me, you know only too well that beautiful moments are fleeting: the first time you felt baby kick inside, the first time you looked into your newborn’s eyes, the first smile, the first rolling over, the first sitting up, the first crawling, the first standing, the first steps, first words, first day of school and so much more. You will never forget any of these moments, but sometimes it’s hard to remember all the details.

Years down the road, your children will be all grown up, and they won’t remember everything. Only photographs that captured the joy and love of those early years will tell them their story.

I am going to make you laugh, smile, and see the love you have for each other in your eyes. I photograph the love, joy, beauty and innocence. I focus on real moments that come out naturally. I see the “real” you through my lens.

You want to capture the beauty of your baby bump, your children or your family right now, because everything will have changed by tomorrow. So don’t wait till special occasions. Each and every day is special. Tomorrow will bring another milestone, or another adventure.  Don’t let it pass by.

I love what I do and keep pushing myself to the next level. I am based in Chandler, Arizona and a sucker for projects where I have the opportunity to travel. I love making new friends. So let’s connect if you are in my area.

Thank you so much for being here.

Kimmie Carter

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